Dockage / Slips

Join us for the 2021 season.

For more information about slip availability and to make your reservation, email us: For information about inside and outside winter storage, click here.

Inner Basin Slip Rates

Slip #'s 26 - 41Up to 22'$1,400
Slip #'s 1 - 17 and 42Up to 26'$1,500
Slip #43 - 44Up to 35'$2,500
Slip #’s 48 – 52 Up to 55'$3,500

Outer Basin Slip Rates

Slip #’s 105 – 113Up to 34′$2,150

Torresen Marine East Rates

Slip #’s 210-219, 222–228Up to 24′$1,200
Slip #’s 229–233, 236-240Up to 28′ $1,600
Slip #’s 241 – 247 Up to 32′ $1,850


We also offer mooring balls for seasonal boat anchorage. The anchorage is located just offshore from Torresen Marine and the Muskegon Yacht Club. For more information email or call 231-759-8596.

Torresen Marine Slip Map

Torresen Marine Slip Map

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Slip Assignments

Previous year’s slip holders are given priority access to slip assignments. We begin slip assignments for new customers in February.

Transient rates for most docks are $0.50 per foot per day.
Transient rates for slips 43- 52 are $1.00 per foot per day.
Please contact us for more information.